Saturday, 29 October 2011


My heart asked to go for it, it said "u have got to dare",
"It’s risky" a part of me warned, "you'll end up getting nowhere";

Both voices were mine, but I had got to make a choice,
big dilemma it was, but I was appealed by the inner voice;

"I am not afraid to lose", I said “I’ve seen many failures in life",
"but all of them have taught me something, TO GET UP AGAIN & STRIVE...!"

 We all know that "failures are a part of life ", we also know that "failures are the stepping stones for success". Then why we are so afraid of failures? Why we stop listening to our heart, once we encounter failure on the path shown by it? Why? May be because we give more value to success rather than efforts.
Actually, every soul that comes to this Earth is bound to go through a period of exile. We all are being tested by God, some way or other. And this ordeal is the essence of life. As mentioned in a famous song "ZINDGI HAR KADAM EK NAYI JUNG HAI". 
It’s not necessary to emerge out victorious in each and every ordeal, infact it’s not just possible. But important is to make efforts again and again. To confront each and every endeavour with courage and zeal, to have perseverance during failures and avoiding complacency after succeeding. Because life is an ongoing process, where the real challenge is not to win or achieve, but to KEEP MOVING.... and why not? After all we live in a world, where everything- staring from the microscopic atoms to the giant galaxies is moving continuously......!!! Life is all about fulfilling all our responsibilities and giving our hundred percent every time and then even if we are not able to succeed it doesn't matter. Because we got to cherish and love ourselves for our efforts, not for their outcomes.

Embarrassment sometimes, sometimes pride,
Life is just a roller coaster ride;

A moment you are up, another you are down,
If you keep on moving, you'll get the crown;

Fine! - Today the things didn't go your way,
But tomorrow shall be a yet another day;

The things which today appeared total waste,
Tomorrow they may develop a complete new taste;

So, never say die, never say no,
Just take a deep breath, & Get Set Go!

Face every hurdle with a smile,
And KEEP ON MOVING yet another mile....!!!


  1. I'm very impressed by the way you express yourself. Spreading such beautiful thoughts in such a crafted language is really of an inspiration. You are doing a great job. I wish you take it to very high standards and create bench mark for your self as a motivator and guide. All the very best.

    1. thank you so much yar...
      i really need motivating n supporting frns lyk u