Thursday, 12 January 2012

My moniter screen, do i scroll,
some sweet memories, do i recall;

walking down d memory lane,
contemplating joy, with a tinge of pain;

ders smile on lips, but d eyes are wet,
"dey will never be back", says my head";

how dearly i wish, life could rewind,
for smthing beautiful, i left behind;

away from d screen, i turned my gaze,
to see on wall, dis overwhelming phrase;

an answer by God, it seemed to me,
and i was floored, by what it said me:

"Time flies, oh yes... its true",
"but whos d PILOT??? my dear, its YOU... !"

I felt d words, being whisperd in my ears,
cuming back to lyf, i wiped off my tears........ !


(inspired by d b'ful sntnce written in my frst yr room VG 5)

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