Thursday, 12 January 2012

My moniter screen, do i scroll,
some sweet memories, do i recall;

walking down d memory lane,
contemplating joy, with a tinge of pain;

ders smile on lips, but d eyes are wet,
"dey will never be back", says my head";

how dearly i wish, life could rewind,
for smthing beautiful, i left behind;

away from d screen, i turned my gaze,
to see on wall, dis overwhelming phrase;

an answer by God, it seemed to me,
and i was floored, by what it said me:

"Time flies, oh yes... its true",
"but whos d PILOT??? my dear, its YOU... !"

I felt d words, being whisperd in my ears,
cuming back to lyf, i wiped off my tears........ !


(inspired by d b'ful sntnce written in my frst yr room VG 5)

Saturday, 29 October 2011


My heart asked to go for it, it said "u have got to dare",
"It’s risky" a part of me warned, "you'll end up getting nowhere";

Both voices were mine, but I had got to make a choice,
big dilemma it was, but I was appealed by the inner voice;

"I am not afraid to lose", I said “I’ve seen many failures in life",
"but all of them have taught me something, TO GET UP AGAIN & STRIVE...!"

 We all know that "failures are a part of life ", we also know that "failures are the stepping stones for success". Then why we are so afraid of failures? Why we stop listening to our heart, once we encounter failure on the path shown by it? Why? May be because we give more value to success rather than efforts.
Actually, every soul that comes to this Earth is bound to go through a period of exile. We all are being tested by God, some way or other. And this ordeal is the essence of life. As mentioned in a famous song "ZINDGI HAR KADAM EK NAYI JUNG HAI". 
It’s not necessary to emerge out victorious in each and every ordeal, infact it’s not just possible. But important is to make efforts again and again. To confront each and every endeavour with courage and zeal, to have perseverance during failures and avoiding complacency after succeeding. Because life is an ongoing process, where the real challenge is not to win or achieve, but to KEEP MOVING.... and why not? After all we live in a world, where everything- staring from the microscopic atoms to the giant galaxies is moving continuously......!!! Life is all about fulfilling all our responsibilities and giving our hundred percent every time and then even if we are not able to succeed it doesn't matter. Because we got to cherish and love ourselves for our efforts, not for their outcomes.

Embarrassment sometimes, sometimes pride,
Life is just a roller coaster ride;

A moment you are up, another you are down,
If you keep on moving, you'll get the crown;

Fine! - Today the things didn't go your way,
But tomorrow shall be a yet another day;

The things which today appeared total waste,
Tomorrow they may develop a complete new taste;

So, never say die, never say no,
Just take a deep breath, & Get Set Go!

Face every hurdle with a smile,
And KEEP ON MOVING yet another mile....!!!

Monday, 10 October 2011



Staring at the stars, I stand alone,
Surrounded by dark, I silently moan;
All fine things, now appear dull,
Surrounded by this abominable lull;
They say, they are there for me,
But I don’t trust, so let it be.
It’s not the soul, but the spirit I’ve lost,
Not just a chance, but trust I’ve lost;
I feel despised, I feel alone,
Surrounded by dark, I silently moan…..

Well… I’m writing on this topic in particular, coz at the moment it suits my mood the best… Yes. I’m not in the best of my moods at the moment… not happy with the way, things have gone today. But, this is life. As I said in my last post it’s just like a roller coaster ride with both ups & downs..
But unfortunately we forget all these words of wisdom, once we get hit by the storm of disappointment. Gripped in the jaws of gloominess, we refuse to strive for exploring any new opportunity, blocking all positive signals, that may help us to find our way out of the problem.

"When God solves your problem, you believe in him, but when he doesn't, remember, he believes in you..!!! " 
Actually, the real problem arises not when we stop listening to people who actually wanna help us out of our situation, but when we fail to listen to ourselves, to our inner voice. The voice that really shows us the right path, gets distorted by the noise of disappointment, in the channel of our heart. This fills our mind with sheer elements of doubts & pessimism.

They say: Journey through the dark is possible, only when we have hope to see the light at the end of tunnel. Hence, the real challenge in such sad moments is to keep this hope alive… to smile. Yes.. a smile… coz it helps us come out of the shell, coz it introduces us back with ourselves, coz it fills our heart with a new courage to stand up & to search and improvise new ways to get outta our sadness.
Remember these lovely lines:
“If you are sad, don’t cry, coz your tears may hide yet another beautiful thing in front of you..”
KeEp SmiLinG… coz it vanishes all the doubts :-)

Sunday, 9 October 2011


2 APRIL 2011: Two Asian teams fighting for the ultimate title in one day cricket… penultimate over of the match…  millions of anxious eyes glued to T.V. screens… hearts throbbing as Nuvan Kulasekra bowls his second delivery… Indian captain cool on strike…. And BANG……!!! India creates history… India becomes world champion… we become world champions…! We did it…  Joy & ecstasy at its best, as India wins the acid testFor every Indian, these are moments worth cherishing throughout the life, moments worth remembering & reliving again & again.  Team India became apple of the eye of all cricket lovers…
BUT…. Just three months passed & things changed 180 degrees… Fans once chanting the Bleed Blue mantra, were now grumbling & criticising. Insulting comments & criticisms were being thrown on Team India from all directions as Team India returned from nightmare of a tour in England. Ironically, the champions were now ridiculed & even being called as ‘donkeys’.
Now the question being discussed all over “Is Team India still world champion”? but, in my opinion the real question must be  “why the hell, we are asking this question”??? Team India is of course world champion…! Simply, because they proved it. They proved themselves by winning that shining Golden cup. Winning ODI WC is not a fluke, neither is it a child’s play, rather it means that the winner of the event has competed at world level & established it’s supremacy, outclassing all other teams in the world. That is why, it is given the title of “champions” & one bad series (however horrible it may be ) CAN NOT & SHOULD NOT recede it’s glory.
However, talking about the English series, firstly one has to consider the fact the team representing India didn't even contain half the players of the WC winning squad- just 4 of them. WC star yuvi, God of cricket- Tendulkar, Bowling spearhead Zaheer- when all of them were suffering from injuries, a bunch of young inexperienced players was fighting it out on the field. To make things worse, these players didn’t even get adequate practice matches to become used to the tough English conditions. The results are disappointing indeed, I agree, but one got to feel for Indian players. Even in this situation, the young players like Ajinkya Rahane and Virat Kohli showed their metal, displaying the quality of being promising future for a world champion team.

Now that the disastrous tour is over, its our choice whether we wanna cherish this year for the exhilarating WC victory, or for embarrassing English tour. In my opinion, Its time to stand by our heroes, time to show faith in their ability, time to wait for the recovery of Indian cricket, to wait for resurrection of champions. Remembering the words of William Wordsworth “If winter comes, can spring be far behind?”
To sum up, Team India is indeed World Champion, they have proven it to the world, & will be back with a bang soon…!
As my favourite lines say:
“Embarrassment sometime, sometime pride,
Life is just a roller coaster ride;
A moment you are up, another- you are down,
If you keep on moving, you’ll get the crown
Fine..! Today the things didn't go our way,
But tomorrow shall be a yet another day…..! 

Waiting eagerly for the return of our crowned champions….! :)

Friday, 7 October 2011

An eye for an eye will make the whole world blind

Learn to love others, not because the world has been kind to you,
But... to eradicate the pain you yourself have gone through;

Learn  to forgive, banishing the hatred in the mind,
coz "an eye for an eye makes the whole world blind ";

Learn to make others happy, & share their sorrow,
And in the hour of need, you may have a savior tomorrow..!

Albert Einstein was once asked "what kind of weapons can the mankind be expected to develop till the world war III?" To which Einstein replied "I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought' but World War IV will be fought with sticks & stones..!!! "

Resonating with Gandhian philosophy of non-violence, Einstein's words clearly express the fear of destruction of mankind, if man carries on with his ego, competitive attitude & feeling of vengenance for others. As history teaches us, the attitude of fighting fire with fire, has only given ashes to the world. Wise man have said "It is easy to retaliate,but really hard to forgive". Because this "Tit for Tat" attitude brings us at the same level as the one we call our enemy. Unconsciously, we become the one we hate.

In our childhood, we all have heard the story of the saint saving a scorpio from drowning in water, despite being bitten badly by it. As a  kid we all respect & appreciate the love & compassion shown by saint. BUT.... as we grow up, we start despising such stories calling them "Impractical in today's world". WHY??? Why we forget that we ourselves constitute this world & the ideas that govern it.

On pretext of being practical, today we are forgetting the true feelings of love & benevolence, which in true sense makes the world go round by promoting the social bonding, fraternity, & gregariousness among the the people. It's probably the high time to ponder over the issue.

Fruit bearing trees never frown,
Neither they grumble, nor they moan,
Rather, a sweet fruit they return,
Whenever they get hit by stone...!


My first blog


going to start blogging today..!