Monday, 10 October 2011



Staring at the stars, I stand alone,
Surrounded by dark, I silently moan;
All fine things, now appear dull,
Surrounded by this abominable lull;
They say, they are there for me,
But I don’t trust, so let it be.
It’s not the soul, but the spirit I’ve lost,
Not just a chance, but trust I’ve lost;
I feel despised, I feel alone,
Surrounded by dark, I silently moan…..

Well… I’m writing on this topic in particular, coz at the moment it suits my mood the best… Yes. I’m not in the best of my moods at the moment… not happy with the way, things have gone today. But, this is life. As I said in my last post it’s just like a roller coaster ride with both ups & downs..
But unfortunately we forget all these words of wisdom, once we get hit by the storm of disappointment. Gripped in the jaws of gloominess, we refuse to strive for exploring any new opportunity, blocking all positive signals, that may help us to find our way out of the problem.

"When God solves your problem, you believe in him, but when he doesn't, remember, he believes in you..!!! " 
Actually, the real problem arises not when we stop listening to people who actually wanna help us out of our situation, but when we fail to listen to ourselves, to our inner voice. The voice that really shows us the right path, gets distorted by the noise of disappointment, in the channel of our heart. This fills our mind with sheer elements of doubts & pessimism.

They say: Journey through the dark is possible, only when we have hope to see the light at the end of tunnel. Hence, the real challenge in such sad moments is to keep this hope alive… to smile. Yes.. a smile… coz it helps us come out of the shell, coz it introduces us back with ourselves, coz it fills our heart with a new courage to stand up & to search and improvise new ways to get outta our sadness.
Remember these lovely lines:
“If you are sad, don’t cry, coz your tears may hide yet another beautiful thing in front of you..”
KeEp SmiLinG… coz it vanishes all the doubts :-)

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